Unified Communications


Video in the cloud makes video collaboration more flexible and effective. By using cloud infrastructure and resources instead of investing in your own, you can very rapidly deploy a video solution to anywhere in the world. Nerveless if you have a security issues being in the Cloud then Polymedia offers with Avaya’s Equinox a On-Site solution with the same flexibility.


  • Rapid deployment
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Supports multiple clients including smartphones and tablets
  • May be used together with your existing video conferencing infrastructure
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Encrypted connections offer secure communications


Polymedia’s cloud video solutions are based on Avaya’s Equinox software. Equinox is a feature rich solution that offers a variety of tools for an all-inclusive experience. It can work as a stand-alone service or be fully or partially integrated into a separate service. Contact us for more information by one of our specialists.

Video conferencing used to be expensive, difficult to use, and time consuming to implement. With the ascent of cloud hosted video solutions, all this has changed. Polymedia Europe offers an enterprise video in the cloud solution based on Equinox software. For a nominal monthly fee, you will enjoy these benefits:


Near instantaneous deployment and unlimited scalability offer you the greatest possible amount of flexibility.


Polymedia Europe’s solution can run in the cloud completely, or (partly) use you existing infrastructure, creating a hybrid solution. This means that you can leverage previous investments in video communications.


Polymedia Europe’s solution is platform independent and can be used with any hardware. Hold your video meetings using our feature-rich and easy to use client software, or attend meetings from a web browser. Use any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera, microphone and speakers.


Because our solution uses very little bandwidth, you will have a high-quality meeting in almost any location, using any type of network. In company, the IT department has full control over bandwidth usage, ensuring the best Quality of Service for your mission critical applications as well as your digital meetings.


Polymedia Europe’s cloud video solution offers secure communications using AES 256 encryption, the highest level of security currently available in the marketplace


Forget about paying additional fees for every additional feature you require. We offer several solutions for smaller organization and participants we also have different solutions. You will find hereunder the Pro version for 99 euro per month that includes:

  • Up to 100 participants and video connections in one meeting
  • Screen sharing (whether it is your desktop, a specific document, application or snapshot)
  • File sharing (share any meeting doc, whether it is an Office document, pdf, technical drawings, etcetera)
  • Record (30 days storage) and playback of video meetings, including all participants’ contributions and shared documents.
  • Live Webcast to 500 Viewers

Take your video communication to a higher level

Avaya CU360 Turn Any Space into a Video Collaboration Room Now any huddle space can become a cloud-enabled collaboration room. The Avaya IX Collaboration Unit is easy to set up, easy to use, easy on the budget—and it’s built for the cloud. Bring HD video, the simplicity of wireless connectivity, and everything the cloud has to offer to your small meeting spaces. Use Huddle as a Service to move your huddle spaces into the cloud on a comprehensive subscription model.

Poly Video collaboration

From the Desktop (BYOD), in the cloud or in small huddle and large rooms Polymedia has a solution that will integrate your business process and increase your productivity.

Share  your desktop or PowerPoint with one or multiple users while being on-line via the cloud or using a codec in a video-conference room.

With our Equinox solution you will be able to meet from anywhere with any platform and due to its perfect interoperability customers can use their existing videoconferencing platform like Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Starleaf, Bleujeans and Skype for Business.

AA Avaya Immersive Telepresence XT by Polymedia Europe


It combines audio and video to provide a means for efficient communication, collaboration and decision-making in real time.

It enables people who cannot be physically present in the same location to conduct a face-to-face meeting. It also enables each participant to be able to see each other’s facial expressions and body language. It also allows people to share files and data, making it easy to hold presentations, review documents and make fast decisions.

Avaya Equinox Media Management Server

Audio conferencing

The oldest of all conferencing services. Labour shortages, increasing traffic congestion and the demand to speed up time- to-market processes are making audio conferencing a logical option.

Audio conferencing means having meetings without travel requirements. Audio conferencing is possible from every place, both with a regular or a mobile telephone: at any moment during the day, even whilst being on route or late at home.

TT01 VC room by Polymedia Europe

Multipoint Conference

A service that enables the simple set-up of your videoconference connection to multiple locations at the same time.

It is becoming increasingly common for customers to hold a videoconference with a number of locations at the same time. For this simultaneous connection, a so-called bridge or MCU (Multi Conference Unit) is required. We offer such a service where your videoconference room, telepresence environment, a MAC or PC user

can connect. Even an IPHONE or IPAD user can participate to a videoconference via our MCU Equinox solution.

Polymedia Europe offers affordable video collaboration suites, while providing you with beautiful design and state of the art equipment. Most video conferencing companies give you an outrageous maintenance contract. They put in ‘re-activation fees’ and complementary expensive services. In example, if you want to enable users to talk to more than one site (multipoint control unit services), or if you want record and playback functionalities, you usually pay more than you should.

The Polymedia Solution

At Polymedia we don’t offer just a codec: you get a complete video collaboration suite, with furniture interior designed by Polymedia for effective integration. The yearly maintenance contract for the whole conference room is very low; it’s even similar or lower than a contract for just a video collaboration codec at other companies. Up to 100 users can connect with the system in one meeting, and up to one thousand can connect per server. You get recording and playback for free. And lastly, support is included in the price.

XX05 RENDERING Boardroom By Polymedia europe
TT01 RENDER VC room by Polymedia Europe
VV01 Skype for Business room by Polymedia Europe
UU04 VC room by Polymedia Europe
XX03 Boardroom By Polymedia europe 1
VV03 Skype for Business room by Polymedia Europe